Egor Kreedfeat.Mihail Shufutinskiy (September 3rd)

September 3rd

  • Music by:

  • Lyrics by:

  • (C): 2022 Egor Krid, Mikhail SHufutinskii

  • (P): 2022 Egor Krid, Mikhail SHufutinskii

  • Format: Pop, Chanson

  • Parameters: 12/00:03:00/C

Hip-hop artist Yegor Krid and legendary chansonnier Mikhail Shufutinsky present a joint single, "September 3rd. The unexpected duo reinterprets one of Shufutinsky's main hits "September 3rd", erasing the boundary between musical genres and generations.

Yegor Creed told about his work on the track: "A year ago I had this idea. I went to a meeting with Mikhail in a restaurant, to which he arrived in a new Jeep Maybach, cigar in hand - next to me Big Boss. I threw in my thought and told him how I see it all, he agreed. Last year, unfortunately, it didn't work out (let the beatmaster down). I was on tour in Turkey a couple of weeks ago and with only 3 weeks left until September, my summer hit was already released and I could relax, but I decided to restart working on an old idea. I got inspired, wrote the first verse in a couple of minutes and sent the audio to Michael, he loved it. On arrival I went to the studio and touched Legendary. We did with Alex Davia a new beat, a new tempo and it kind of turned out not less legendary. We even managed to shoot a clip. Respect to Michael. An example for the whole generation. A man of 74 years shoots till 6 am, stands in the rain and does his job professionally. I hope I managed to make a brand new song with a new meaning. I'm not bad at reworkings of big old hits, and when else, if not in my 28 years, will I get on the radio "Chanson"... Enjoy listening to it".

Mikhail Shufutinsky commented: "The song "September 3rd" on verses by Igor Nikolaev is a landmark and significant in my creativity. The talented and energetic Yegor Krud suggested that I release a duet remake and a video clip for this song. I liked the idea. I always respond with joy and interest to creative proposals, I am impressed by musical experiments and improvisations. Yegor Krid's enthusiasm, his musical talent and enthusiasm convinced me, and today the project is completed. I am very glad that this atmospheric musical story has got such an original continuation. Working in tandem with Yegor Krid turned out to be very pleasant and rewarding. I hope that our duet will appeal to listeners of all ages. One "September 3rd" is good, but two is even better!


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