Read John Lennon's Angry Letter to Paul McCartney That's Up for Auction, with Bidding at $33K


A heated letter from John Lennon to Paul McCartney is expected to fetch up to $40,000 at auction.

The winner of the auction, hosted by, will become the new owner of Lennon's "scathing reply to Paul McCartney's published interview in the Nov. 20, 1971 issue of Melody Maker, where Paul shared his thoughts on John and Yoko [Ono], the dissolution of the Beatles' business partnership and more."

"John was so furious when he read the interview that he sent this three-page, signed and hand-annotated letter, addressed to Paul, to Melody Maker, for publication, asking them in his own handwriting for equal time," the listing adds, noting that the typewritten letter was published in the Dec. 4, 1971 issue of Melody Maker.

In his rebuttal — which Lennon addressed to "the wee McCartneys," including Paul, now 80, and his first wife Linda McCartney — Lennon began by touching on financials surrounding Apple Records, then went on to describe a business-related phone conversation between them and an accusation that McCartney went "behind [Lennon's] back" to buy Northern Songs shares.

Lennon ended the letter by insisting he had "no hard feelings," that they "basically want the same [things]" and he was open to meeting up. But in a postscript, he added, "The bit that really puzzled us was asking to meet WITHOUT LINDA AND YOKO. I know you're camp! But let's not go too far! I thought you'd have understood BY NOW that I'm JOHNANDYOKO."

The letter is up for auction through 9 p.m. ET on Aug. 19, with the highest bid currently set at $33,000. The auction house estimates that the note will ultimately go for as much as $40,000.