June 9 in music history


Today marks:

Matthew Bellamy (British vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and composer, leader of the band Muse) is 44 years old. Matt's vocals are an integral part of the Muse sound. This falsetto is one of the main distinguishing features of the band).

50 years to Konstantin Lekomtsev (Russian musician, arranger, member of the group "Smyslovye hallucinations", one of the leaders of the project "Zola").

Konstantin Stupin (Russian rock musician, singer-songwriter and frontman of the band Night Cane) is 50 years old.



In 1969 Brian Jones announced his departure from The Rolling Stones. He was replaced by Mick Taylor.

In 1904, the London Symphony Orchestra gave its first concert.

107 years ago Les Paul was born - Les Paul, American guitarist, one of the creators of electric guitars, innovator in recording, inventor of his own Les Paul guitar construction. (1915 - 2009).