June 8 in music history


Today marks:

Kanye West (American rapper, music producer, songwriter, record producer. Kanye West is known for his direct statements at various ceremonies and on social media, which have led to scandals more than once. 
Kanye West has received critical acclaim and has been repeatedly named one of the greatest artists of the 21st century. He has become one of the best-selling artists, with combined digital and physical sales of his albums and singles exceeding 121 million copies. West has won 22 Grammy Awards. His albums have been included on various best albums lists, including the 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine).

Alina Grosu is 27 years old (Ukrainian singer working in the styles: dance music and pop-rock. She has been working on the professional stage since she was 4 years old).

Suzanne is 28 years old (Ukrainian and Russian singer and songwriter. She became most famous after her performance on the Ukrainian TV show X-Factor with a cover of American singer Beyonce's song Halo, which had more than 20 million views on Youtube, as well as the duet of Malback and Suzanna).

31 years old Big Russian Boss (Russian rapper, host of the YouTube video-hosting show with the same name and founder of Hustle Hard Flava group).

60 years old Nick Rhodes (British musician, founder and keyboardist of the band Duran Duran.)

Mick Hucknall (British singer and songwriter. He was the lead singer and frontman of the band Simply Red from 1984 to 2010. Performing solo since 2008, Mick Hucknall has recorded 2 studio albums.

69 years old Tatiana Markova (Russian pop singer, composer and songwriter).

71 Bonnie Tyler (Welsh singer known for her distinctive husky voice. The singer became popular with the release of The World Starts Tonight in 1977. Her 1978 single "It's a Heartache" reached number four on the UK Singles Chart and number three on the American Billboard Hot 100).



Sixty years ago, London's New Musical Express published the first hit album chart.

Forty-eight years ago, Rick Wakeman decided to leave the Yes Band and pursue a solo career. Two years later, he would rejoin the band. And it would happen more than once.