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Ability to test new tracks before their official release

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Airplay reports generated by TopHit Spy bot

helps to track the detailed broadcast history of each artist, each hit

TopHit Spy Report

Exclusive TopHit Radio Charts by country as well as YouTube and Spotify Charts on TopHit

allow artists to see the big picture of the market and trends. Here, for example, is what the Top 100 Radio Hits of the Week 13 Jan 2023 Chart looks like

TopHit Chart Small TopHit Chart Medium TopHit Chart Large

Top Hit Chart Radio Show, star hit parade.

Hosted by the most popular and emerging artists. The radio program is free to radio stations, and new episodes are published weekly on TopHit in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. The latest episode of Top Hit Chart has been downloaded and get aired by 21 radio stations in 6 countries

Exclusive celebrity IDs

with holiday greetings to radio listeners, audio and video presentations by artists of their new hits. The TopHit database now contains 1,815+ greetings and presentations from 655 local and international stars